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Analytic Company is an innovative and international company. With our high level of expertise in the field of market price analysis for the automotive industry, we are one of the leading companies worldwide.

Our mathematical and analytical Know-How is the basis for the development of a unique and most transparent market price system we developed for the global automotive industry.

We are the most technology-driven and innovative company on the topic of proving car market prices.





The underlying data used by Analytic Company is driven by the extensive automotive market.



Due to the multifold complexity of market price influences (e.g. vehicle specification in-cluding optional equipment, region, color, age, mileage, life cycle... etc.), we use high-end mathematical technologies (e.g. multivariate regressional tech., neural networks) for our solution.



All market vehicle data is verified with the OEM (automotive manufacturer) model reference databases.



The pricing of vehicles is one of the most important parameters for planning and optimization in the market for our customers. It is delivered based on a mathematically proven and verified basis.

This new level of transparency is determining the best standard in the automotive market and is accepted at least complementary to the traditional smaller excel calculations or human-based approaches.



In the early 90's the founders of Analytic Company realized that market information, especially on pricing in the automotive industry, was based more on human expertise rather than real market data.

Due to missing alternatives, these experts delivered information on the basis of limited data sample size and personal experience. Considering the development in Technology and thanks to the Internet, the Analyse Systems entrepreneurs foresaw a chance to establish a highly innovative proving approach to determine market information using new mathematical and advanced data technologies(btw: one of the founders realized all of this when he was searching for a well-priced motorcycle in 1993).

The belief that this new possibility to create market transparency will succeed in the Automotive Industry was also fueled by experience accumulated on the financial market.

In the late 70's, the banking industry started to shift from this solely opinion based price determined systems and went into the electronic data-driven IT world. This was the start of using new and modern mathematical analytical technologies that is now dominating the business rules in the finance market.

The founders of AC were convinced that the changes in the financial markets will impact in reality the automotive industry too... the evolution from a personal opinion has driven expert system towards modern analytical Big Data technologies, enabling more accurate and secure market price information.


In these times of World Wide Web, the human-based estimated price or used catalog price listings are outdated.

Analytic Company is firmly established in the new digitalized analytic world. Modern mathematical technology is capable of analyzing the price influence complexity (e.g. the effect of individual car parameters like mileage, monthly age, region, color, model trim lines, built in options, etc.) as well as calculating the most precise market prices based on analytically proving algorithms. That matters because e.g. only 5 % error does result already in several hundred if not thousands $ on each car in the automotive business.

Market big data and modern mathematical technologies outnumber limited human estimations.

Naturally, limited human expertise cannot oversee the complexity and magnitude of these relevant price-influences for each single car model anymore. On top of this complexity comes the vast automotive market size with its daily, weekly and monthly market price changes due to discounts, market trends, volume effects, the new model coming up, etc.

Therefore, expert meanings should not dominate this complex and important subject anymore.

Car pricing is and will become a more and more complex topic and is at all times crucial with respect to business performance. It should therefore not be done without modern analytical based IT systems anymore.

Market prices nowadays can be made accurate, transparent and secure.


We live an open international corporate culture in which everyone plays a meaningful part of the team and our entire system.

Everyone in our company, as well as our customers, is encouraged to contribute with their personal knowledge and innovative ideas.

We highly welcome demanding requests from our customers and love to create even more innovative solutions and adoptions to reach the best for them. A cooperative partnership is what we practice with our customers and which motivates us.

The customer is our focus – Analytic Company goes the 'extra mile' for our clients.

We are the most technology-driven and innovative company on the topic of proving car market prices.


We would be pleased to receive your application. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Currently no job offers available.


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Managing Director: Dr. J. Burmester
Commercial register: Amtsgericht Hamburg (Hamburg local court) HRB 131485
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